Connecting the Payer and Life Sciences Communities.
Advancing the Exchange of Information.

FormularyDecisions is a secure online platform facilitating the bi-directional exchange of information between life sciences companies and healthcare decision makers (HCDMs) for medical policy and formulary development. This closed, HCDM-only platform supports over 2,500 registered, active, formulary decision makers from managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, health systems, hospitals and government payers with clinical and economic information on >3,000 pre- and post-approval products. It streamlines the formulary decision-making process by providing exclusive, centralized access to:

Product information from manufacturers
including pre-approval information
P&T Prep Kit resources
ICER reports
Aggregated, real-time evidence feeds
Access to full-text articles from:
The Medical Letter
Pharmacist's Letter

And more, all in a single, easy-to-use location.


Healthcare Decision Makers

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FormularyDecisions supports the information exchange between HCDMs and life sciences organizations via our proprietary eRequest tool directly within the platform

Life Sciences Companies

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