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In partnership, the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) and Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations, Ltd. (Dymaxium) are pleased to offer the FormularyDecisions.

AMCP is a professional association of individual pharmacists who use the tools and techniques of managed care in the practice of pharmacy. At the heart of every member is commitment to a simple goal: Provision of the best available pharmaceutical care for patients. As an organization, AMCP strives to achieve its mission of empowering its members to serve society by providing opportunities for continued professional growth, by advancing individual and collective knowledge.

Patients who receive the correct drug in the prescribed way achieve better outcomes, improving quality of life, the bedrock of the Academy’s vision—managed care pharmacy improving health care for all. Equally important to prescribing the right drug, however, is being able to provide adequate access to as many patients as possible. The Academy has been doggedly pursuing strategies to help providers of drug coverage achieve that goal as well, by working in ground-breaking disciplines such as pharmacoeconomics, a branch of pharmacy that seeks to determine the true value of a drug - not just product cost, but effectiveness in improving overall health outcomes of patient populations.

The focus of AMCP has been to create scientifically designed methodologies for making medical choices as intelligently as current knowledge will allow, supported by evidence-based clinical studies. Some of AMCP’s most successful products to date are the AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions and the AMCP Framework for Quality Drug Therapy. The Format is a standardized methodology for assessing drugs scientifically, based on the value they provide. Widely adopted by numerous health plans, governmental agencies (e.g., Department of Defense), and leading pharmacy benefit management companies, the Format has become a de facto industry standard. Managed care organizations employing the Format cover approximately half of all pharmacy care beneficiaries.

Dymaxium is a global provider of innovative software solutions focused on maximizing the communication and application of clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes research. Platforms developed by Dymaxium support the efforts of pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers to demonstrate product value to health care decision makers (HCDMs) who are faced with the critical task of making informed, evidence-based decisions. Through the design, development, and implementation of pioneering software platforms ~ Dymaxium helps bridge the gap between quality research and decision maker needs.

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